Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Nice post on g_s!! + some Pics // Ah Hah! Make up test

Hey gals!

♥Happy Easter!♥ 

Today had been a really nice day so far. :3'
I went out to a restaurant with my family.. but more about easter tomorrow.
I woke up to a nice secret post on gyaru secrets about me and some other german gals today!! 

I was so happy!! Thank you!!
It's such a great honour to be in one row with such awesome, beautiful long-time gals. ♥
This totally made my day.. and not just mine I can tell you. ;3 

..Last thursday we wanted to meet up with Trace and some people for grilling at the Rhine..
But it was too fucking cold. >__<;
So we just went home after university and took some pics - inside of course. 

I feel much more complete with circle lense I have to admit..

My hair was so puffy, I loved it *^*

A family picture!!
With Aiji and Lumpi/Baby. ♥ 

I also got my really chip pink wig for my Ah Hah! Cosplay on friday! x3
So I had to wash, cut and style it and try my make up for it.
...Don't be schocked. xDD; 


I liked it quite much... what do you think?
Although I said after seeing all those great cosplayers at Budokan that I'm never gonna try again - I still have to do it. xD;
Well, I'm no asian and also not Japanese.. but I try my best.

Now gonna eat some easter chocolate!! 


  1. Ich find, es steht dir :3
    Aber Babys Blick is genial xD

  2. It's one of the first times ever-ever-ever that I saw such a nice post from g_s... *blinks*
    Not like I'm checking out that website usually...
    But I think - who ever posted this - is right (:

    I already saw your family photo on FB and really liked it - you kinda hide behind your cat but it's still lovely. :D

    Every time when I see photos of mayas new hair thoughts like 'God damn! He looks so awesome!' are crossing my mind... I haven't thought like that about him anyway... *irony* q:

    I think you did a brilliant job on your new wig.
    Plus: I haven't seen any Japanese cosplayers at Budokan.... So you will stay the best maya cosplayer I know so far ;)

  3. Ooi you have kinda nice blog! And you're cute&pretty ^^ I think I'll follow ~