Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Our new family member: Dog-lady "Socke"!

Hey gals!
Again, before I'm leaving my post about the meet up here (still waiting for group photos! D: ) I'm gonna tell you who lives with Aiji and me from now on!

As you might know, Aiji has had dogs since she was born.
And when her beloved dog Lucky died in January, she desperately wanted to have a new one.
She was searching, and searching..
And then, some weeks ago, she found Socke aka. Little Sock on facebook.. A romanian animal rescuer, Anca, looked after some stray dogs, who lived in a place where a kindergarten was built.
You know, it's really dangerous for stray dogs in Romania. They are beat and slaughtered.
We both felt in love with Socke from the very first picture.

And Anca liked us both from the start, so she wanted to give us Socke.
We discussed a little, thought about it and finally agreed.
Then everything went very fast, and last sunday morning the dog arrived by a animal rescue transport from Romania in Düsseldorf. (HAR, if you want to know more: 'Help animals romania')
We nearly didn't sleep and caught her, brought her home..

She's still very shy, but she trusts us already, and that makes me so happy. ♥
She's already sleeping next to me, likes cuddling and so on..
The only problem is that she's very afraid when we're going for a walk outside. Socke just doesn't want to move then, it's really hard. D:
But in the last days she walks into our house, that's a big relief!
But she still has to learn that it isn't dangerous to walk on her own with lash and collar here.. Aiji and me will be patient and give her the time she needs though. ^^

But I know - you want to see some pics!!

The transporter she came with.

On her way to her new home! 

Her first time in the garden right after the arrival. 

Still a little afraid.. 

"Oh noes..!"

Cuddling is the best!

First time going for a walk!

So cute, our elegant lady! ♥

Hard life... 

I never really was the dog-type of person.
But since she came into our life, I'm so in love! I never thought something like that can make you so happy.. 
I hope we'll have a long and good time together. ♥ 


  1. she is so cute and I love how her ear is hanging down.. awww !! cute baby!

  2. It's so great you adopted a dog like that! I got my beloved cat from a rescue center and it's so rewarding that he's finally trusting/liking me after almost a year. It was hard in the beginning though. She's beautiful and I hope everything will go smoothly :)

  3. Oh sie ist wirklich supersüß<3 es ist so ein schönes Gefühl, wenn man weiß dass man einem Hund ein besseres Leben geben kann und dass sie langsam immer fröhlicher werden und sich eingewöhnen^^
    Und sie ist wirklich superhübsch<3
    Da bekomme ich Lust, auch einen Post über meine Merle zu machen XD

  4. She's so beautiful and cute.
    No wonder you both fell for her. I hope she'll lose her fears fast and have a nice life with you and Jiji, and all your other family members. I'm happy that Baby didn't seem to have huge problems with her... :)

  5. She's so cute! I'm so glad you can give her a nice home! She will be comfortable soon enough!

  6. So eine Hübsche! <3
    Ich wünsche euch viel Freude mit ihr! Sie scheint euch ja wirklich schon ins Herz geschlossen zu haben :)

  7. this was so beautiful :') and wow I never knew this about romania ): I got goosebumps (the good kind) knowing that you saved her and she will have a new, and happy life!! ♥ such a great thing you've done ^ ^ ♥